Mbuyiseni Ndlozi’s picture causes stir

There are fears that the photo will make some people lose their morals.

EFF national spokesperson and the people’s bae, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, posted what he thought was an innocent picture, but his followers on social media have theories of their own on what may have happened on the day.

He took to Instagram on Thursday to share a picture of himself “resting” on his bed with the caption: “Fatigue… and great lighting.” However, his followers felt he needed to explain himself.

Yes, the lighting was great, but as the people’s bae, he had to tell his followers who took the picture and what position they were in.

“I assume that whoever was taking the photo was straddled over you,” said Sentletse Diakanyo, though the people’s bae denied it.

Ndlozi responded, and said the picture could have been taken by a drone camera.

“Drone camera se voet,” wrote another follower.

Fatigue… and great lighting

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