4 Things You Didn’t Know About Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau’s life came into the spotlight when she dated the then wealthy businessman Mandla Mthembu, who was much older than her. The couple have a daughter together.

Mthembu and Mbau’s relationship set tongues wagging, mostly due to their age gap and Mthembu’s financial status. The couple were regularly seen in Joburg streets in matching yellow Lamborghinis. Mbau calls those times “my rock-star days”.

Since then, most on social media have not hesitated to call her a “gold-digger”, a label she often hits back at. Her latest response at the label came from a follower who was responding to her tweet and said she was a gold-digger.

“You wouldn’t know the difference as you don’t even know the weight of gold or its true colour.. how would you even know what a gold digger is (sic),” she said.

Apart from all the negative things that have been said about her, here are a few positives about her that you might not know:

1. She has received a nomination at this year’s Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actress for her character in Happiness is a Four Letter Word. After only a month of its release, the locally produced romance film whizzed past R10 million at the South African Box Office.

2. Mbau has a 10-year-old daughter who has more than 34 000 followers on Instagram.

3. She is shy, as “constantly having people looking at you leads to it”. She may come across as an outgoing party animal, but Mbau says she prefers silence to sound and enjoys taking naps. She also hates visitors and has OCD.

4. She wears size 2 and a half – “the only time I envy those with big feet is when I need to find sneakers/shoes … they always send me to the kiddies section,” she says.