VIDEO: AKA explains that male friend who kissed him has a wife and kids

The rapper’s friend was seen kissing the rapper in a video. It’s AKA’s reaction that fans won’t stop talking about.
A video has gone viral of the rapper hanging out at Rockets in Bryanston.

“I got the cap, I got the T-shirt. Rockets forever,” AKA is heard saying in the video while a blowing a kiss to the camera.

A man standing next to him then tries to kiss him on the cheek.

“Hai maaan,” the Star Signs rapper says.

AKA’s fans could not stop laughing at the awkward encounter and took to social media to share hilarious memes.

“When your side bae start (sic) getting too comfortable in public,” one tweep captioned the video.

AKA might have seemed annoyed in the video, but he is good friends with the man in the video.

“That’s the owner of Rockets man! Shaun, he’s my homie. He got excited. He got a wife and kids man!! It’s a North thing I guess, I love him and he loves me okay!” AKA tweeted.

Some users told AKA that getting kissed by another man is not that big of a deal.

AKA found the entire thing funny, but told his fans there were better things to focus on, like the big news he has to share.

“I just signed a MAJOR deal to partner with the #1 NETWORK IN SOUTH AFRICA to create a platform for artists & personalities that will change the way they interact with their fans forever! This is BEAM DIGITAL’s 1st deal of this magnitude and I can’t wait to share it with you (sic),” he tweeted.

Source: Citizen