BREAKING: Cassper is Held Responsible After a Kid commits Suicide

Minister of basic education Angie Motshekga said she want to help dropouts get employment by giving them matric certificates as long as they can read and write.

“I sat down with the president and sell him my idea and he gave me a green light, he actually called it a brilliant way to give unemployed youth hope so they can stop protesting and committing crimes every day.” Said a very excited Angie Motshekga.

“It’s up to them whether they want to go to college after getting the certificate or use it to get basic employment”

It is rumour that the marks on the certificate will be given according to how fast you can write, the neatness of your hand writing and good reading skills.

The minister said she is doing this because some people do not have matric because they couldn’t afford school fees back then and this is the only way to compensate them.

“I’ve also tried to talk to the minister of higher education to consider giving out free diplomas to apartheid heros”

The program will run for two years and a half.

Source: Gossipmillsa