Everything you need to know about #Tholukuthihey video, concert

Cassper has decided that he doesn’t want to jump on the track anymore but that hasn’t stopped Euphonik from going ahead with plans to host a concert and shoot a video.

So lit is the #Tholukuthihey track that a concert will be held in Soweto on Friday to officially launch it to the public.

It all started on Twitter when a video recorded by Killer Kau went viral. In it he sings to a beat and drops the line Tholukuthihey. The video fast went viral with Euphonik reaching out to the artist to collaborate with him to make a real track.

Mbali Sikwane also recorded a video of herself singing along to the jam and Euphonik invited her to record the song in studio. All this happened in less than 48 hours.

The track is ready and has already been dropped on 947 FM, where Euphonik hosts a radio show.