Feba wena, ghel! Twitter tells Minnie after complaining about her crush

Some have advised the presenter and model to not allow marriage to stand in the way of happiness.

Minnie Dlamini revealed her celebrity crush on Twitter on Thursday night and left her followers rather disappointed in her. Minnie recently got married to Quinton Jones in a traditional ceremony that saw Mzansi’s celebs fly down to Durban to celebrate with her.

Her wedding disappointed some who still hoped to have a chance with her.

But like many of us, Minnie too has a celebrity crush, and it is former Arsenal player Thierry Henry, who is currently in Joburg for the NBA Africa game. Henry trended for “looking better” with age, with many women revealing they had a crush on him.

“Today marks the day of my devastation! Thierry Henry is in Johannesburg, South Africa (my hood) and I just got married… #Heartbroken,” she wrote on Twitter, leading some to give her advice on what she should do about the situation.

Obviously, Minnie was just joking, but Twitter had a field day.

“Feba Minnie…. Feba girl,” said one of her followers, who told her to follow in Karabo Moroka’s footsteps and have Henry as a side man.

Some said at least she now knew how Cassper Nyovest felt after she announced her engagement on social media.

These were some of the hilarious comments from her followers:

“Minnie please wait with your thirst, we are busy with grammar corrections in a ‘certain book’… emanya mo girl, wag!”

“Xola sis wam – People never get what they want, even Cassper didnt get you.”

“Were you even ready when you said ‘yes’?”

“Imagine not achieving your crush just because of a little marriage.”

“This is how Brooke Logan from ‘The Bold and Beautiful’ began on man spree.”

“Go to Thierry, we will look after uJones.”

“No you understand exactly how we felt like when you dropped that bomb on us.”

“Be karabo and do both.”

“I foresee danger hier.. I can already see the headlines.. Minnie Dlamini divorces because of a stupid tweet.”

“Feba wena Ghel, don’t let marriage get between you and your happiness.”