Mandela family drama

THE MANDELAS are used to court cases.

This time two of Madiba’s grandsons are involved . . .


Ndaba and Mbuso Mandela will lock horns in court on Tuesday because neither of them wants to pay maintenance for gorgeous Gugu Keswa’s child.

But the loser will have to fork out papgeld every month.

Mbuso is the baby daddy, and Gugu took him to court for failing to fulfil his fatherly duties.

He claims he’s broke and unemployed.

So, the court summoned his brother, Ndaba, to rule whether they can force him to take Mbuso’s position and become responsible for Gugu’s papgeld.

But Sunday Sun sources claim Ndaba has already said he won’t pay for Mbuso.

One source said the court had indicated that if Mbuso failed to pay, they would summon his parents or grandparents.

“But Mbuso has no living parents or grandparents. So his brother is next in line,” said the source.

The Mandela mole claimed Mbuso had brought Ndaba into the case.

“Mbuso told the court he couldn’t pay because he’s unemployed. He said his late father had three properties in Cape Town and Joburg, which yielded a total monthly rental of R40 000.

“He said the money was controlled by Ndaba – and that he survived on what Ndaba paid him.

“But Mbuso inherited about R4 million from his late grandfather’s estate,” said the source.

Other sources close to the family say Ndaba is refusing to help his brother because Mbuso allegedly went on a spending spree and blew every cent of his inheritance in four months.

A well-placed source alleged that Mbuso spent the money on designer clothes and labels such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

“He spent more than R90 000 on a label while his child’s school was owed more than R13 000 in fees,” said the Mandela insider.

Gugu, who owns Ballex Dance and Entertainment, said Ndaba had been donating roughly R4 000 a month.

“But he stopped when Mbuso received his inheritance money from his late grandfather,” said Gugu.

“I haven’t had any financial support from Mbuso or Ndaba for about a year. I understand Ndaba is not obliged to help me, but Mbuso is.

“I didn’t take Ndaba to court. Mbuso implicated him and the court felt he should also be summoned.”

Gugu added: “It’s amazing Mbuso’s been complaining that he can’t pay maintenance because he’s not working, but his account shows the opposite.

“His bank statement reveals he has been receiving money left right and centre.

“At some point last year, he received R3 million. There were also deposits of R200 000 and R150 000.”

Gugu said she was not going to stop fighting for her child’s best interests.

She also pleaded for support from other women, especially those who were going through the same problem.

Gugu is planning to picket outside the court on Tuesday and encourages other women who are in a similar position to join her.

“It’s Women’s Month and I’ve been standing there alone. These women should come out and join me when I picket outside the court on Tuesday,” she said.

On Friday, Mbuso refused to comment on the issue.

Yesterday, Ndaba also refused to comment and hung up the phone when the SunTeam enquired.