See the horrific pics of Mdu Masilela’s alleged abuse

Kwaito singer, Mdu Masilela is currently out on R500 bail after, the mother of his child, Sibahle Dlamini, opened a case of assault against him at the Sandringham police station in Johannesburg.

He reportedly met SABC employee, Dlamini, last year and had what is being referred to as “a liasion” with her that resulted in a child who is now eight months old. Masilela stated that he could not abandon his child and has paid damages to the Dlamini family as a result. He also allowed Dlamini and the child to stay in one of his other homes in Bramley, Johannesburg. CL!CK HERE TO SEE THE HORRIFIC PICS

Speaking to Sowetan, Masilela said he had gone to evict Dlamini from the house on Saturday night when the fight broke out. “There was never any intent on my part to do any harm to her. My wife was informed where I was going to and the purpose of the visit,” he said.

He went on to add “the content of the discussion and her calling my wife, only to realise she knows about our meeting, led to her uncalled for outburst. In the course of the altercation and while defending myself she might have been hurt. Nothing persisted to show intent on my part. I feel the matter can be resolved without it being for public consumption. She threw a glass of wine and hit me with many objects.”

Even though they agreed not to lay charges against each other, Dlamini laid a charge of common assault against Masilela to which he responded with a counter charge of assault. CL!CK HERE TO SEE THE HORRIFIC PICS

“I’m not proud of what happened over the weekend and I wish to extend my apology to women all over South Africa and the world. There are better ways to deal with disputes and disagreements,” Masilela told the publication.