Skolopad ‘close to tears’ when asked to dine outside at popular hotel

Local entertainer Nonhlanhla “Skolopad ” Qwabe was “close to tears” when she was asked to dine outside at a popular hotel in Lesotho, because of her “inappropriate” outfit.

Speaking to The Juice Skolopad explained that she had arrived at the hotel at 03:00 on Sunday and checked-in wearing the same outfit deemed “inappropriate” a few hours later. SIMPLY CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICTURES

“When I checked-in they had no problem with what I was wearing. The next morning when I arrived for breakfast I was told by the waitress that they would set up a special table for me outside, as my outfit was not acceptable.”

She went on to say that the treatment she received was very upsetting and that she was “close to tears.”


Skolopad is now worried, as she is traveling to Mozambique next month, and fears she might experience the same embarrassment.

“Should I wear jeans, when I’m not comfortable?,” she said.

The Juice has reached out to Avani Hotel for comment and will update with any new information.

This is what Skolopad was wearing at the time of the incident: