Sindi Dlathu shares that leaving Muvhango was a difficult decision to make

A few weeks ago fans of Muvhango were left gobsmacked after Sindi Dlathu confirmed that she would be leaving the show after serving Muvhango ever since its inception.

It may seem as though her decision to leave Muvhango was an easy one, but according to her it certainly was not.

Speaking to Drum magazine Sindi admitted that her decision to leave was mostly guided by prayer and the support of her family.

“I prayed about it and had sleepless nights. Muvhango was my home for 20 years. But it wasn’t solely my choice to leave – I felt like it was God’s timing.”

People like her sister and her on-screen mother Cynthia Shange were her main source of support when she found herself struggling with the decision.

“When I spoke to the people who matter to me, they supported my decision. We discussed it, we all prayed and fasted about it. It wasn’t easy because they all know how much I love and still Love Muvhango. They know Muvhango came first for me for 20 years – it was my main focus. I gave my life to this show.” She told Drum.

She also thanked her husband for being a pillar of strength during this difficult time.

So what’s next for the 43-year-old beauty? She’s not sure yet but knows that at the moment she is really just lead by faith.

Who knows, maybe Ferguson Films will approach Sindi with an offer she can’t refuse. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Sindi’s next moves are.