Thembisa Mdoda met her bae on OPW

What’s interesting is that she actually met her man on set of OPW as they used to work together.

Thembisa revealed this interesting fact about her man in a recent interview on Afternoon Express.

“He worked behind the scenes, he was part of the crew, so sweet but so focused on the work. I’m very attracted to people who are passionate about their jobs, it’s very interesting. ”

At the beginning, the two tried to downplay their attraction towards each other but as always, love was stronger than their pride.

“At the beginning, we were very like ‘ja I’m here to work too…so whatever’ but two years later here we are. We met at the exact right time when everything just came together and that’s very scary because I’m very focused on my career now and focused on my children and then it just happened.” She added.

Thembisa has described her boyfriend as a great man and she’s not letting him go anytime soon.