This is the sweet story of how Minnie and her husband met

Though she couldn’t attend the wedding of one of her longtime friends, Nandi Madida has revealed how the newlyweds met when the friends were teenagers.

“Heartbroken I can’t make it to your big day @minniedlamini, but what makes me feel better is knowing that you two met for the first time at our family home when you were still in your teens. It’s a story I will tell your kids and grandkids.

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“I feel lucky to have witnessed the very first day you two met. Lucky to have witnessed the beginning of a beautiful journey. Love you so much! So proud of you,” Nandi wrote on Instagram.

Minnie and Nandi met each other way before they became famous, and have maintained their friendship throughout the years.

Minnie threw a baby shower for Nandi last year, and the duo have always supported each other. Speaking of her husband, Quinton Jones, Minnie said they were friends for years and very close until one day their friendship blossomed into a relationship.

Minnie said her husband was like her best friend, and that’s why their relationship worked.