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10 Years In Jail For Top Uzalo Star

Uzalo actor Nkanyiso Makhanya who plays the role of Njeza on the SABC 1 most-watched soapie, is set to be arrested for Gender-Based Violence.

Onscreen, Njeza is in a relationship with Nosipho and turns abusive towards her. Despite Nosipho defending Njeza on many occasions and briefly quitting the abusive relationship, she finds herself sucked again into the relationship.

The Uzalo show producers Stained Glass Productions termed the Njeza –Nosipho abusive situation “Love Bombing.

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“Love bombing is scary because it gives you a false impression of true love, and even after break up, you keep reminiscing about it and how much you miss it. You don’t miss the person, and you miss the illusion they so masterfully created.”

What looked like a total break-up from Njeza, Uzalo fans applauded sis for being a brave victim and moving on. She is set to disappoint her fans again after literately throwing herself at her abuser Njeza again. With the hope that abuse will end and under the illusion of giving love endless chances, Nosipho is set to experience the demon in her lover.

Fury and temper is the order of the day, and despite taking Nosipho to his mother’s grave, Njeza didn’t change his abusive ways.

Uzalo Spoiler Alert

Njeza will be sentenced for Gender-Based Violence, according to Uzalo November Teasers. Earlier on in teasers, it is revealed that the demon in Njeza is unleashed, and he wrecks Nosipho’s belongings in a fit of rage, and Nonka and Lilly struggle to come to terms with Njeza’s arrest.

Friday 12 November 2021

Episode 180

Njeza is sentenced, it’s much harsher than expected, and he is likely to get ten years in prison for physical abuse, malicious damage of property and even attempted murder.

Speaking about the ongoing GBV script, Uzalo producers are proud to trigger conversations on the widespread Gender-Based Violence.