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2 accidents on Mpumalanga roads: “No he did not make it. Pieces of him are in front of the camera “, Mzansi left in shock

Two videos making the rounds on social media depict horrific accidents that took place in Mpumalanga recently.

The videos of the accidents involve a taxi and an SUV, as well as trucks.

The first video shows a taxi driver losing control of his vehicle. The incident reportedly took place on Sunday.

There were no other occupants in the taxi. In the video footage, the taxi can be seen swerving on the road, leading to speculation that the driver was either drunk or asleep.

The vehicle could be seen swerving until the driver lost control of it and veered to the side of the road, before cutting across the highway and colliding with a SUV.

Both vehicles rolled a number of times, and the taxi driver got ejected from the taxi.

The second crash took place on the N2 between Ermelo and Piet Retief, and involved a truck and a number of other light vehicles.

The video shows vehicles coming to a halt after visibility was severely compromised due to heavy fog on the highway.

Four men get out of their cars, and appear to be trying to alert oncoming vehicles of the traffic ahead. They can be seen waving their arms in the air after a pair of headlights emerge in the fog.

However, an oncoming truck doesn’t seem to see the warning and hurtles towards the parked vehicles at high speed.

The truck then collides into a stationary truck and other cars. The dashcam footage eerily ends with a badly broken windscreen.

It is not yet known if any injuries or fatalities were reported.

Second video

Head-on collision
The series of accidents follows a collision that killed two people and left three children injured in Mpumalanga last week.

The incident involved two bakkies on the R38, approximately 18km outside Barberton.

The head-on collision left a man and woman fatally wounded, and two boys and an 11-year-old girl critically injured.

It was reported the man and woman were seen lying trapped inside the one bakkie. Two children were lying in the back of the vehicle, while another child was lying on the road a short distance away.

Both the man and woman succumbed to their injuries and were declared dead at the scene.

The two boys, believed to be 16 years old, and the girl, were in a serious condition.