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DJ Zinhle on sliding into AKA’s DM’s and forgiveness

Zinhle’s past relationship with AKA might have faced public scrutiny after the rapper confessed to cheating on the DJ with media personality Bonang Matheba, however, Zinhle’s forgiving spirit has helped her further her career, despite facing some obstacles.

Zinhle’s relationship with Rapper AKA might have been tarnished after the rapper publicly humiliated her, but as their love birthed baby Kairo, the DJ is open to letting us in on the first step she took to show that she was interested in the rapper.

“I slid into the father of my child’s twitter years ago, and I was like: ‘Yo, do you wanna do a song together?’, I didn’t want to do a song with nobody but, I was like: ‘This guy is cool, he’s nice’ and he was like: ‘Sure, let’s do the song, send me ideas’, I never sent him the song cause there was never a song but, years later we then met and made a baby” she said, in a recent interview with Dennis Ngango.

Zinhle went on to add that her fathers passing opened her up to forgiveness.

“My first real lesson about forgiveness was with my dad, when he passed…when you hold a grudge, it’s a lot of energy, it’s exhausting and you have to wake up every day and remember that you hate that person, and remember that person did you wrong…it goes as far as, you start wishing bad on them…you have to forgive for yourself,”

After shooting the 12 episodes of SABC 1’s It takes Village, the DJ, and her co-host Nokubonga drew inspiration from the show and wrote a book to keep touching young people’s lives with their real-life stories.

“I’m releasing a book on the first of June – it’s gonna be available at CNA stores – it’s a self-help book for women, I co-wrote it with Nokubonga Mbanga we decided let’s rather write a book that can help women from wherever they are, and it’s written with the understanding of the African voice, African women, what we go through, like the pressure to get married…and it’s just also from our own experiences, crises, distress…whatever we’ve gone through…it’s a motivational book for specifically targeting women – I’m not saying men can’t read it – and it’s called Meeting your Power.”

DJ Zinhle is also currently wokring on her album, however has not set a release date as yet.

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