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Sophie Ndaba has lost a lot of weight and she’s loving it!

Sophie Ndaba has been working hard on her body and the results are amazing. The former Generations star stunned fans when she shared a picture of herself on Instagram recently – looking slimmer than ever!

Fans flooded her comments section with compliments and others wanted to know how she achieved her great bod.

The businesswoman told Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast team that she’s worked on her body.

“I think I’ve overworked on it, but I’ve worked on it and you can never lose when you’ve lost so much weight, and I’ve really, really worked on it because I just wanted to be a new me, a new everything. And I think more importantly, just leading a healthy lifestyle cause that’s the highlight of the struggles I had for many, many years. I was obese, and I think in South Africa obesity is not addressed.”

Sophie, who has planned some of the most beautiful weddings in the country (including Black Coffee and Enhle Maphumulo’s), admitted that she struggled with her health because she was overweight.

“So obviously I had to address it very quickly, or else it was really a life or death situation. And people can look at it from a different perspective and say ‘Oh my gosh, I think she’s lost too much’. What’s too much for you? If it’s not too much for me, it can’t be too much for you. It’s all about me,” she said on the show.

And guess what? Sophie is a whole new person now.

“I’m in a space where I’m happy, I feel lighter, I feel excited even when I go shopping I’m excited… Now it’s a new me, I’m excited, I’m eating healthier, I’m going to start teaching people how to start eating healthier, so this is just the beginning of the beginning.”

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