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Cassper’s house party drama

Eish! Poor Naledi thought that she could sneak out and live her best life at Cassper’s pool party over the weekend, but a man who is claiming to be her bae has apparently busted her. And the internet has lost its mind!

The Twitter user caused a social media storm when he posted receipts proving his alleged bae was at the party while he claimed she told him that she was sick and was going to stay home to rest.

According to malume, Naledi went offline at 5pm but was later spotted next to Cassper’s Bentley and dancing on his patio.

Bro was defeated by the situation and he wasn’t alone.

The social media streets were a buzz with reaction to the story with even Cassper jumping in to confirm that it was his ride Naledi was standing next to.

The Ksazobalit hitmaker claimed that people’s boyfriends have been hitting up his phone to get answers.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE DJ Techzi shut down any suggestions the post was a publicity stunt and did not even know that his girl knew Cassper.

He said a picture of him and Cassper that people have circulated suggesting they were at the party together was actually taken several weeks ago.

DJ Technzi claimed he had been alerted to the situation when his friend sent him Cassper’s picture with Naledi in the background.

“My friend told me about it. My battery died at a gig I was at and so I switched it off and wasn’t aware that she was at the party. When I switched it back on my friend asked me if this was my girl. He showed me her statuses because she blocked my number from seeing her statuses and I saw it was her. I tried to call her but she hasn’t been taking my calls since.”

He said the pair had only recently got back together after a long separation and he wasn’t sure if they were still an item.

“You know these girls, they will come back and lie to you. I don’t know. People say I should have known about her but you have faith in people so you don’t expect it.”

Soon Naledi was trending on Twitter as people were debating whether Naledi was leadership or a symptom of a national outbreak of slay queens.

Attempts by TshisaLIVE to get comment from Naledi were unsuccessful at the time of publishing this article.

Source: TimesLIVE



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