Lerato Sengadi: “It is my right to make the necessary funeral arrangements”

As the news unfolds about Lerato Sengadi’s decision to halt her late husband (HHP’s) funeral set to be held on Saturday at his hometown of Mahikeng, a court interdict has been released by Lerato.

According to ENCA, in the court interdict Lerato claims that HHP’s father has held back information about where her husband’s remains are being kept and that she has since been excluded from all funeral arrangements.

Parts of the court papers read as follows:

“As Jabba’s lawful customary wife, it is my right to make the necessary funeral arrangements for his burial and to play an integral part in all of the actions and proceeding in relation thereto. I have been deprived of this right. I have simply and without cause, been prevented by the respondent from fulfilling my role as customary wife.”

ENCA has also reported that in the court papers, Lerato confirmed that the late rapper had taken his own life after not only battling with depression but also drug addiction. She had attempted to help him in fighting the drug addiction by suggesting that he seek medical help but according to her HHP.

Ever since the news broke about this court interdict there have been a lot of people on social media commenting about the court papers and debating on whether Lerato really is HHP’s wife.

Source: ZAlebs


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