Triple the dates = triple the trouble – DMF was a lot last night!

It’s hard to find a compatible partner for one person, but Sunday night’s episode of Date My Family proved that it is even harder to find someone special when you’re one of identical triplets.

Nomusa, who is one of three sisters, brought her siblings along in her quest to look for love on the dating reality show.

The triplets, who weren’t technically all looking for dates still went with the one sister to all the potential dates’ families to help her find the one. While the families of the potential dates seemed to be fascinated by the triplets, Twitter was worried about the amount of groceries being consumed by the visitors who came in threes.

In the end, Nomusa chose Thato, a young lawyer with a bright future, However, Twitter didn’t feel that they were going to make it past the first date. In their opinion, sis was just under pressure from her sisters and impressed by the “over-achiever” status Thato sold himself on.

From where they were standing, Thato was not being honest about his sexual orientation. They had the memes for the episode.



Source: TimesLIVE


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