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Bonang Matheba abandons her close friend

Bonang Matheba has a tight inner circle who are apparently governed by an NDA according to her interview on Metro FM. Although their bonds are close the star has never been afraid to cut anyone who crosses her. The TV personality took to her social media to announce to her fans how she has cancelled a member in the squad.

“Cancelled. X2. T’was lovely to know you,” she shared.

Tweeps took to the comments to guess who it was and most believed it was her newly reunited best friend Somizi.



The two have had their differences over the years and in 2017 Bonang opened up about what caused the two to drift apart. She shared that she decided she could no longer trust him after he became friends with an ex (Euphonik) who allegedly assaulted her:

“It took me a while to eventually leave that relationship, and years after I had, Somizi, who was my friend, suddenly became friends with my ex. The same one whose violence towards me he had witnessed. That’s when I knew he had to go. I couldn’t trust him anymore so I cut him out of my life.”

However, last month the pair announced that they had buried the hatchet and put their differences aside. Somizi even came to the HouseofBonang launch to celebrates Bonang’s big achievement.

We do hope that it is not Somgaga however only time will tell of who received THE CUT.


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