Qhaphela Shattered Over Zanele’s Death

Last night’s episode of Isibaya reminded us once again why Abdul Khoza aka Qhaphela deserved to win a SAFTA this year.

His heart-wrenching performance last night had the potential of having a thug shed a tear as well.

If you missed out on Isibaya last night, the character of Zanele, played by actress – Sibusisiwe Jilli passed away when she overdosed on drugs.

However, Zanele could’ve potentially lived if Beauty had not stopped Judas from saving her.

As Zanele laid in the kitchen dying, Beauty stopped Judas several times from calling the paramedics for medical assistance. When Zanele finally stopped breathing, the couple walked out of the room as if nothing happened.

Zanele’s lifeless body laid there until Beauty’s mom (Sharon D) and her man found her.

Unbeknownst to what had just happened, a jolly Qhapela walked into the sombre environment, he could not see that Zanele’s corpse was laying there at first, but when he immediately realised that she was gone, Qhapela’s heart broke into a thousand pieces.

We’ve seen men cry before, but damn, Qhapela’s cries were just too much. That man loved Zanele.

It was even more painful to see Jerry cry as well.

Every other viewer watching got emotional when those two men cried their hearts out for Zanele.

Zanele’s death obviously marked Sibusisiwe’s exit from Isibaya; her on-screen lover thanked her for all the hard work she placed into her character. Abdul even acknowledged her as one of the main reasons why he won a SAFTA.

He said:
“I just want to tell you how amazing it has been to share this long journey with you #mazet. You brought your best foot forward when you were summoned to be the fire you became on @isibayamzansi. I WON a whole SAFTA this year through the hard work you and I shared on screen. We pushed each other to perform our very own stunts, we fell and rose through it all. For those who didn’t know this beautiful soul was just a model before she was thrown in the deep end to play the amazing #zanele on Isibaya…that alone should tell you how brilliant she is.”
We wish Sibusisiwe the best with all her future endeavours, as for Abdul keep giving us great performances. We love it!

Source: ZAlebs


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