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The real person accused of Nichume’s Death revealed

When one commits suicide, loved ones are left with unanswered questions floating in their minds.

However, in the case of Mzansi’s musician, Nichume Siwundla’s family, they have a pretty clear understanding of what led their beloved family member to take her own life.

It seems all the arrows are pointing at record label owner and close collaborator, Mobi Dixon. According to the ever so popular Adv. Barry Roux, the family, did not appreciate how Nichume was managed. It was also alleged that Mobi had failed to register Nichume at SAMRO for royalties, which then resulted in her not getting any money from her songs which were blazing charts on radio.

In one of the threads, Adv Barry states that Nichume was paid well for only a couple of months. However, things turned southward as the singer was said to be struggling to make a living and even to afford basic necessities.

Though these allegations remain unconfirmed, the Siwundla family was quoted as saying:

“As a qualified Ophthalmologist, Nichume Siwundla was working with eye specialists and earning a stable salary and never relied on us for anything. Mobi Dixon asked her to resign from her job and take up music on a full-time basis.”

Below are just some of the tweets from the Adv Barry Roux Twitter account.

Top Chap Media which is owned by Mobi Dixon has since released a statement with regards to her family’s allegations towards Mobi Dixon.

In respect for the deceased, Top Chap media has said that the organisation will attend to the allegations after the funeral.


Musicians such as Kabomo have also chimed in on the matter. Kabomo was very vocal about the supposed injustice that is done to female vocalists who work with house DJ’s.


Source: ZAlebs


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