Nomsa Buthelezi finally spills the beans on her own ‘perfect wedding’

Planning a wedding is stressful for anybody, but when you have attended as many weddings as Nomsa Buthelezi, courtesy of being a presenter on a wedding reality show, the stakes are higher.

But the former Our Perfect Wedding host told TshisaLIVE that she’s decided to apply the best lessons learned.

Nomsa is in the process of planning her traditional wedding to her fiancée, Zandile Shezi, and said her first lesson was to ensure that her invites only land in the hands of people who truly want to support her.

“You would think I’m focused on things like décor, food and outfits, but I am not. I know exactly what I want when it comes to those kinds of elements and my wedding will be simple, but perfect. I’ve been more focused on making sure that the people who are there deserve to be there.”

She explained that since coming out of the closet, there have been people she’s had to cut out of her life and she had that in mind when doing her planning.

Plus, if there’s something being on OPW taught her, it’s that if you are not careful who you keep around you, they may sabotage your big day.

“As a same-sx couple, we have had way too many people smile with us, only to turn and say nasty things about us. Or people that pretend to be happy for us, but wish bad things for us. We don’t want such energy on our wedding day.

“Your wedding day is all about you and your partner sharing your happiness with your family and close friends. I’ve decided that I won’t have any bridesmaid at my wedding. I’ve had too many friends turn on me, so only my children will be at the front with me. The few good friends that I do have will wear a special colour that matches with ours to show who they are.”

Source: TimesLIVE


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