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SJAVA ON LADY ZAMAR: I’ve Learnt My Lesson

Musician Sjava says he has definitely learnt his lesson. For the past few weeks he has been making headlines after abuse allegations by Lady Zamar.

The fact that he chooses to move on and make good career moves for himself has been perceived by many as a sign of showing no sympathy or remorse.

This situation is not looking to die down anytime soon. After Lady Zamar got people confused about whether or not she got married and ‘moved’ on so swiftly, people’s opinions have been swirling all over the internet.

The artist, who has now returned to acting, posted a video of a freestyle he performed for MTV. Fans praised his bars and flow, but one fan commented, “You’re so talented bro. Stay away from crazy woman they would ruin your future and image.”

Sjava replied, “I have learnt my lesson brother.”

That did not sit well with many fans who are triggered by the fact that Sjava might have suggested that his ex is crazy.


Sjava has since taken legal action against Lady Zamara and has released a final statement where he says he will never address the allegations anymore.

– ZAlebs


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