Rest in Peace Shaka – The Queen

When we first met Shaka he was the epitome of hardcore and a womaniser – to him, any excuse not to use a gun was wasted opportunity.

His relationship with Uncle Brutus was a comical thing to witness, they shared a bond and loyalty that left many viewers entertained – most times even left us shooketh when they talked about ‘iButcher.’

We saw him evolve from playboy to devoted father and husband, over time, he went from hot -headed to level headed, even pushing for peace amidst the Khoza family rival.

Shaka also became sibling goals, when he stood by Kagiso through the loss of Kamina and Kea’s drug addiction.

Shed any tears yet? We also give you a list of things we will miss about Hlase:


When Shaka needed answers to puzzling equations, his favourite thing to say was ‘balance me’.

The Shaka and Brutus Tag Team

The phrase ‘SingoHlase thina siyazibasele sizicishele’ can never be the same without Shaka.

Mr and Mrs Khoza

We loved how Shaka was becoming a better man for Mmabatho and Baby Mzi, even though he was far from perfect.

The A Team

When they worked together, the Khoza siblings were indestructible, whether it was family shoot outs or running the drug operation.

The nicknames

We will miss how Shaka called his step mom ‘Hary-et’ , how Kagiso became ‘Sgaqagaqa ‘ and most recently Dingane became ‘Ngane’.

There are many things we will miss about Shaka, and if you have joined the #BringShakaBack movement, no amount of closure and reminiscing will help! We understand…however this character has taken his final bow.

It’s only fair we compile our fondest memories of Shaka Khoza in the below video:


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