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Even Lasizwe is done with Men for good

South African men don’t have the best reputation right now and things got worse after Lasizwe declared that he was done with men for good. From #MenAreTrash to the #MensConference to some of the harrowing stories we see on social media about men generally behaving badly, it’s safe to say that the gents of Mzansi need to do some work when it comes to improving their reputation. At first we thought it was just women who were fed up with SA men, but it appears as if even men are tired of SA men. That’s how you know it’s a mess!

Lasizwe Dambuza took to the timeline over the weekend to declare that he was done with the gents for good. He even joked that he was now turning straight and focusing on dating women, because wow. One wonders what had happened to inspire the tweet which read,

“From today I’m straight, men are a stress! Yoh! Ha.a! Where the ladies at!?”

His comments were filled with replies from both men and women; men who wanted him to give his gender one more chance, and women who, well, see for yourself:

While it is widely believed that Lasizwe has an active love life, not too much is known in celebrity circles about who he is dating. There were rumours for a long time linking him to his friend, actor Cedric Fourie but those rumours were put to bed once and for all when we met Cedric’s bae for the first time.

Do you think that Lasizwe should give men one more chance?

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