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Shauwn Mkhize Mocks Gqom Star Madanon’s Hair

Twitter in stitches after Shauwn Mkhize mocks Gqom star Madanon’s hair – #KwaMamKhize! While some critics have accused wealthy businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize‘s reality show of “lacking content”, others have been enjoying getting to know her personality.

Fans had a meme-fest when MaMkhize commented about Madanon‘s hair. The viewers of the show couldn’t get over how humble and often hilarious Shauwn is.

Shauwn Mkhize mocks Gqom star Madanon’s hair
It was a breath of fresh air for most tweeps who associated rich people with being “stuck up”.

Also, in related MaMkhize news, it seems like fans of the show feel “some type of way” towards Tha.

Just like how fans have said they have a problem with Bobby on Boity Thulo’s reality show Boity: Own Your Throne, it seems they also can’t stand Tha’s friendship with Shauwn. It seems like the only sidekick – from a reality show – who fans actually like is Pinky Girl from Being Bonang.

However, they were definitely loving Madanon and his “electrocuted” hairstyle.

Check out the memes in reactions below:



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