VIDEO: Five reasons why Mzansi loved Charles ‘Big Boy’ Maja

Skeem Saam viewers are mourning the loss of the much-loved Charles Maja aka Big Boy, who died after suffering a stroke on Thursday.

“Unfortunately it is true. He passed away this morning in Limpopo. He suffered a stroke. His daughter confirmed the news to us. The family is devastated,” Skeem Saam spokesperson Sumaya Mogola said.

The actor played the role of Big Boy Mabitsela on Skeem Saam, a firm favourite and one half of the most loved father-son duo on South African TV.

As Big Boy, Charles and his on-screen son Leshole (played by Thabo Mkhabela) went through some of the worst circumstances life has to offer. From being stolen to extreme poverty and everything in between. That is why when life seemed to be looking up for them, viewers of the show celebrated with them like they were their personal friends.

The emotionally charged and sometimes hilarious scenes were brought to life brilliantly by Charles – with his “son” by his side.

These are just some of the reasons why Mzansi has been left shattered by the actor’s death and they took to social media to celebrate Charles and express how he won them over with his amazing skills. Below are some of the top favourite scenes.

Like that time Big Boy refused to have “the talk” with his son!


No-one will ever forget how the whole country was ecstatic to see Big Boy and Leshole go to Durban for a holiday.


It was always entertaining to watch Big Boy go head-to-head with anyone, and one of his favourite people to fight was Mantuli. This is one of Mzansi’s top Big Boy vs Mantuli scenes.

Ever the protective father, Big Boy once thought Leshole had been trafficked. Only, he didn’t quite know the right words. The man was hilarious.

– TimesLive

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