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Letoya Makhene’s father speaks on her lesbian relationship with Lebo Keswa

Former Generations: The Legacy actress, Letoya Makhene has shared that her father has given her his unconditional support following her decision to be in a relationship with another woman.

Makhene faced a lot of heat after she confirmed she was now in a relationship with Joburg businesswoman Lebo Keswa.

Her father, the famous singer, Blondie Makhene is 100% percent behind his daughter and her new partner.

Taking to her Instagram she wrote:

Dear daddy @realblondiemakhene

You said that some would be vicious about my new found love.

You also said that they would have YOU to deal with! ☺️ You know how much I’ve dealt with in my journey through life, daddy. How many times I’ve been told to repent and forsake my ancestors – for hell surely awaits me.

Now – as we predicted – the same people are telling me once again that hell awaits me because I’ve finally found everything that I’ve ever prayed for in a lifelong partner.

It’s crazy how The Universe works. I put in the work. Realigned myself with the Universe and watched my prayers come to fruition. The one thing that I could never have predicted is that the kind of love that I prayed for would be wrapped and packaged in the form of a woman.

I stood before my God and asked Him if this was a joke. I also reminded Him that I remember being very specific in my requests.

He gave me 2 choices. One was to receive His gift of love as is, the other was to walk away and lose myself bit by bit to men who will never really understand or honour me because of the power that I possess through the gifts that He has given me.

Society has taught our men that the woman by their side needs to understand that she answers to him. That she is there to serve him and to not so much as question him when he does wrong.

See, as humble and as respectful as I’ve always been, daddy, I honestly have always battled with this concept. To finally reach adulthood and be financially independent, but to watch myself being stripped of this independence because I made a choice to be Mrs. A choice to “not live in sin” and where has it gotten me? Only you know the dark truths behind my past relationships, dad.

Now I lay in the arms of a woman who honours my being, a woman who sees and appreciates me BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN. Someone I will never have to pretend to be less than because my power makes her feel insecure.

“Thank you daddy for the blessing you gave us. Yours and God’s is the only blessing that matters.

“I will continue to pray for our women who judge me, yet they subject themselves to abuse and being made to feel less than – just because they are women. ❤️ Nkgono aka Letoya‘.


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