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Former The Queen actress Mo Setumo responds to a shady Twitter user with Mr Price clothes

Some time ago, actress Pasi Koetle had to make it clear to whoever was concerned that she shops wherever she feels like shopping since it’s her money.

Everyone in Mzansi does understand that are different levels to the standards of living and most try to live within their means.

The Twitter streets are known for being wild, with everyone expressing their thoughts freely on the platform. Whilst all thoughts and opinions are welcome on the platform, one users thread about how to discover the size of your man’s pockets.

Money in relationships has become a factor, well for some people, but with blessers and slay queens the game has become a tad complicated.

Twitter user Lehlogonolo’s thread about weekend getaways had Mr Price trending on the platform. Sis looked down on Mr Price apparel in her thread as she explained how the girls with the rich boyfriends would be discussing the latest Zara sale whilst you sit in your Mr Price clothing.


The thread sparked various views with many wondering exactly what the girl was looking for in a relationship and people shouldn’t compare relationships and stick to her own lane.

Former The Queen actress and drive-time host on Motsweding FM Motsoaledi Setumo decided to post her Mr. Price outfits, sparkling in her followers doing the same following the trend.


Mr. Price being that store that it is, recognized the love their customers showed the store and decided to treat 10 of their followers to an R250 voucher each for that baecation or new office drip.

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