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PICS: Bonang Matheba’s Breasts Break The Internet


Bonang Matheba’s Breasts Break The Internet

Bonang Matheba (Queen B) is known for he lr elegance and class. It’s no doubt the Queen has a huge following on social media and shares her life with over 4 million twitter users and over 3,6 million instagram followers. Bonang, who has been confined at home due to lockdown, took to both Instagram and Twitter to share a photo which had people wild. The innocent photo clearly show Bonang Matheba’s nipples though covered up.

Taking to social media, Bonang shared some snaps that had peeps looking twice. Clearly Queen B felt we all needed a reminder that lockdown doesn’t mean we can slack, she ain’t. The picture of Bonang Matheba’s breasts went viral on social media with thousand of shares.

Flustered fans took to the comment section to let Bonang know what a piece of work she is – flawless!

The House of BNG owner appeared on the “Afternoon Express” on Wednesday where she spoke about how the lockdown and Covid-19 have impacted the plans she had this year. Many of her fans were left speechless after the photo of Bonang Matheba’s breasts, albeit covered.

When asked about how she was dealing with lockdown, Matheba said that she is not in hustle mode and is taking this time to step back since her schedule isn’t so rigid now.

See the Tweet below showing the viral Bonang Matheba breasts

The former “Being Bonang” star said that after one of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s addresses last month she felt helpless and wanted a way to help those in some way.

Through The BForce, Matheba was able to help those that needed it, along with some of her fans who also reached out for help.

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