BREAKING: Former President Jacob Zuma dumps baby mama Nonkanyiso Conco

It seems the honeymoon phase is over for former president Jacob Zuma and his baby mama Nonkanyiso Conco.

Sources close to the couple have revealed the couple split last year.

Another informant Security personnel at the estate also said that Nonkanyiso had since moved out of the house Jacob Zuma was renting for her at Hilltop Private Estate in Zimbali, near Ballito, Durban.

Nonkanyiso and Fartescue have had a strained relationship since her relationship with the country’s former president went public.Another source said the relationship as doomed from the start,

Asked for comment, Nonkanyiso’s dad Fartescue Conco who previously fumed at after Jacob Zuma payed lobola to Nonkanyiso’s mum instead of him said he no longer was in contact with his daughter but confirmed he was made aware that she now stay with her biological mother in the Eastern Cape.

“She blocked me on all platforms, but i know she doesn’t stay in Ballito anymore.
“I wish she would come back home if Zuma’s no longer taking care of her.”

Nonkanyiso who frequently posts photos of herself and the former president has since removed them from her Instagram account.

An insider also said: ‘The split has been kept under wraps. ” Nonkanyiso received a strict warning from the Zumas to keep mum about the separation to avoid media attention.”

However she recently made headlines after labeling Jacob Zuma as an absent dad in one of her Instagram post stating she has made peace with the fact she is a single mother.

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As if speaking directly to her son, Conco then said, should he find himself in trying circumstances or was engulfed with confusion, he needed to remember that she was a single, young parent who had her own aspirations and dreams.

She told the publication that the post was “a declaration of a young woman who is marrying a polygamous man” and she had made peace that theirs was not an ordinary union.

“Any person with common sense would understand that a man who was a head of state and has such a large family wouldn’t have time for things like walking a child to a park, attending doctor’s appointments or just to buy ice cream at a mall every day,” said Conco.

“We all know for a man like Mr Zuma it’s impossible to run family errands every day or to be there for every special day. He missed our son’s first birthday celebration I hosted last year because he was out of the country, but this year could be different. He misses many of our son’s milestones. However, we can’t expect him to be there every day.”

However Zuma could not be reached for comment and his family spokesperson also declined to comment on the issue.

Nonkanyiso was also unreachable when contacted.

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