VIDEO: Free for all cash grab in yet another cash-in-transit heist

Chaos unfolded in Dobsonville, Soweto, on the morning of Monday 15 June, as a cash-in-transit (CIT) van was bombed by unknown assailants who pillaged it of cash before making a getaway.

Community members in the area then engaged in a free for all cash-grab of loose notes that floated from the skies amid the debris.

Police spokesperson Colonel Athlenda Mathe told The South African that there were no injuries reported, and that a manhunt is underway for a group of men who orchestrated the bombing.

“Gauteng police have launched a manhunt for a group of suspects after a G-4S cash van was attacked at 9:30 on Monday 15 June in Dobsonville, Soweto,” she said.

“It is alleged that a group of heavily armed gunmen travelling in a red jeep with false number plates drove into the cash van forcing it to a halt. They ordered the three security officials out of the vehicle before bombing it and making off with an undisclosed amount of cash.”

“What we know is the suspects drove off in a Golf 7, an Audi A4 , and a Ford Ranger,” she said, adding that a BMW was also seen driving off.

Police are appealing to the public for information to assist with their efforts to apprehend the suspects.

What followed was something out of a film, as cash rained from the sky and community members scrambled to fill their fists with fresh, although somewhat charred banknotes.

Similar scenes played out earlier in June when another van was bombed in Johannesburg on 3 June.

There have been a series of attacks on CIT vans in South Africa over the last two weeks, with the incidents following the “atta-boy” the South African Police Service handed themselves for seemingly being able to stem the attacks and the syndicates that orchestrate them.

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