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MUST SEE: Real And Sh0cking Reason Why Lerato Kganyago Wont Post Her Babies

Mother, as she calls herself, has had a good first-hand experience of what social media bullies are about. So much so that when she is officially a mother, she does not want that spotlight to be on her children.

The DJ, who recently received her stamp of approval from Black Coffee, has shared the importance of securing that part of your life and keeping it private as it invites negative energy.

LKG commented on a followers post who warned that not everyone will applaud and support a mothers decision to enjoy her pregnancy in pubic.

She pushed it further by saying she will not even post their toes.

“I don’t think it’s disrespectful though… maybe it’s personal preference. Like you would post things that other people wouldn’t post. It’s the joy that comes with it I guess. Personally me, won’t do it, won’t even post my kids, not even their toe,” she joked.

Lerato has shared a painful experience in her life when she missed on opportunities of being a mom twice.

Trolls never cease to amaze her when they find an opportunity to ridicule her for her heartbreaking experiences.

– ZAlebs

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