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Lasizwe in trouble with his Family for spilling secrets

Some of his family members aren’t too happy about seeing family business aired out on MTV. In most cultures indigenous to the African continent, everything that happens within a family is only supposed to be known by members of that family and nobody else.

So, it’s easy to understand why reality star Lasizwe Dambuza would find himself in hot water for “spilling” family secrets on national television with his MTV reality show ‘Lasizwe: Fake It Til You Make It.’

I wanna give South Africa something different. 90% of South African reality shows they have some realness to it but I don’t think they have this kinda real that I get into detail with which gets me in so much trouble with my family,” says Lasizwe in an interview with the Citizen.

“You know my family will be like ‘Yoh! You’re exposing family secrets, yoh! You’re showing things on TV!’ But for me, it’s not about exposing family secrets or showing things on TV,” he adds.

His reasons for being so real are actually quite selfless. The young social media sensation is aware of what a young audience he wields so much influence over and he would like them to know that he goes through some dark things and still manages to make it through and not let it turn him into a horrible, broken person.

Lasizwe explained that he would also like to remind people that despite the position he holds in some people’s eyes as a celebrity, he’d like to remind them that he’s still a regular person.

That is also why he felt the need to include some of his more famous friends in the upcoming third season of his show.

In one of the trailers for the upcoming season, we see the likes of Mihlali Ndamase, Norma Gigaba and his very famous sister Khanyi Mbau featuring in different scenarios throughout the season
I have a good relationship with my friends and my family that are on the show and it’s with pure intentions. It’s not like you know I want any scandal or ke batla drama. It’s genuinely like I want to have lunch with you the way we’d regularly have lunch and have conversations.”

“You’ll see, during the course of the episodes when we do speak about the issues we address on the show, it’s actually like real things that I go through on the show and things that are happening in our industry and stuff….”

Another moment we’ll get the 411 on is Lasizwe’s infamous interview with podcast host Macgyver MacG Mukwevho of Podcast and Chill with MacG.

Known for his lengthy interviews, MacG’s long-awaited interview with Lasizwe is only 20 minutes long and most of the interview is spent lambasting MacG for not being on time and cutting into another appointment in Lasizwe’s busy schedule.

“90% of the time, I’m a punctual queen and I respect my time as much as I respect other people’s time so I get a little bit frustrated and annoyed if you’re going to come unapologetically and you’re late and you’re just chilled.”

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