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7 Mzansi Celebrities Who Are Twins

7 Mzansi Celebrities who are twins

Having a twin sibling can be a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. Imagine having a “clone”. Someone who looks like you and you shared a womb. Scientists have also found out that twins are connected telepathically and can feel how each one is feeling.

Major League DJ’s

Banele and Bandile Mbere (popularly know as Major League DJ’s) are identical twins.


Oros and Prince Mpofu.

The resemblance between Oros Mpofu and Prince Mpofu is uncanny. Oros is however an actor so most likely, almost always, the one you see on TV will be Oros Mpofu.

Blue and Brown Mbombo

The gorgeous twin sisters, who aren’t identical but are equally beautiful, have a lovely sisterhood and a strong bond that has some of us wishing we, too, had twin sisters to take fashion trips with.

Sindi Dlathu and Zanele Sangweni.

Bet you did not know Sindi Dlathu has a twin sister called Zanele Sangweni.

Innocent Sadiki and Millicent Mashile.

The two identical twins sister’s are almost impossible to tell apart.

Twins On Decks

The one half of the DJ duo, Ryan, opened the year 2019 with wedding bells as he married his sweetheart Natasha Bianca in a luxurious wedding ceremony.

Hlelo and Ntando Masina

Hlelo and Ntando Masina won the hearts of many viewers when they first gained popularity in the entertainment industry. Although they had gone quiet for a while, they seem to be working on a comeback.

How many of these Mzansi Celebrities who are twins did you already know about?

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