Kaya FM Boss In Hot Water Amid S_xual Misconduct Claims

Kaya FM’s managing director in hot water after multiple claims have been leveled against him.

After being slammed with allegations of s_xual misconduct, financial misconduct and abuse of power, Greg Maloka has since taken leave of absence to allow a proper internal investigation by the board.

An unidentified person authored the complaint which claims Greg and the station’s financial director Trevor Mwale abused the companies finances by using the credit cards to fund personal overseas trips.

Maloka also makes advances to female employees promising them a better financial position or bonuses that were not inline with the companies policies. Those who refused were ‘victimized’ by him. It is also alleged that he was involved with a female employee in the marketing department.

With regards to abuse of power, Maloka signed deals with friends that added no value to the company.

In his absence, Kaya FM’s COO Linda Reddy will be acting as managing director in the interim.

– ZAlebs

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