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Mome Mahlangu’s Hearfelt Message On Inlaws: “They Live To Curse Us.”

Mome Mahlangu’s Hearfelt Message On Inlaws: “They Live To Curse Us.” Reality TV star Mome Mahlangu has recently spoken out about in-laws after a fan sent her a DM on problems she is facing with her in-laws. .

“Every day my DM is full of young and older women traumatized by their in-laws..”She wrote.

Don’t take the trauma lightly, it will destroy you mentally, emotionally and normally physically after a number of failed pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancy is the worst as you can get tubes removed.”

“You u don’t easily get over trauma, you will need therapy to transcend into a healing journey, I have never allowed myself to understand any form of abuse from anyone, cause I spot it quick and act on it naturally cause I grew up with boys so fighting for myself has always been in me,”


” I tell my husband that I want the law to consider in-law abuse as a crime, I bet my in laws will be 1st on that long list, they live to curse us, I think we are very much in denial of rejection cause it’s a must for a black woman to prove that kumnandi kaBlacklove. ”

“We don’t prove anything, we create a healthy space and raise a healthy family, you can’t fix a broken family, my in-laws know where I stand and I don’t bother them cause I know they are broken, I got a chance to know them like a palm of my hand and I will not allow my daughter’s in their presence,” she wrote in part.


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