Type of Pen_s the V_gina loves the most!!

Life is like a buffet, where you order what you want, and have all the rights to decline a wrong order. More often than not, we tend to take whatever life serves us, forgetting we all have the power of choice.

The term, “different strokes for different folks” refers to everyone having their own tastes, s_x included.

Women understand the power of preference, choosing their outfits, careers, and partners.

So, when it comes to s_x, in particular the 4-5, what do they look for in their meat served in the restaurant of the bedroom?

1.The Big One

According to s_xologist Dr Vijaysarathi Ramanathan, an average 4-5 size is about 14cm-17cm and women’s 4-5 preference begins here. He says a big 4-5 can be fun as it can penetrate more, stimulating every part of her punani.

2.The Curve

They call it the 4-5 shaped as a smile, and it comes as no surprise that this type is preferred by women. A curved 4-5 during penetration would be touching the upper wall of the pun@ni, where the G-spot apparently is. This means more pleasure, and a better orga$m.

3. Captain Hook

This 4-5 is almost the same as the curved one, only it is bent slightly downwards from the tip. The only catch here is since it points downwards, it might not be fun in the missionary position, but a great companion for d0ggy-style fun.


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