Musician Pheko Kgengoe’s Weird Tombstone Raises Eyebrows, Wife Explains

” To my Skhokho and father of our children, ke go rata fuc**d up san,” are the uncanny words inscribed on the tombstone of music promoter and artist Pheko Kgengoe, who passed away in June this year following a short sickness.

Social media was awash with reactions following the circulation of his new tombstone that was erected in recent weeks.
A lot of social media users were disturbed by the language used on the tombstone.
The unusual inscription has divided opinion, with many calling out his widow for the vulgar language used.

However, Pheko’s widow, Tsepang (33) has come out to explain the message after social media backlash.

Speaking to Daily Sun, she explained that the message was what the two used whenever they talked.
“It was our thing. We called each other skhokho and he’d say he loves me f****d up,” she clarified.
“For us, that meant very much. I did the tombstone with the knowledge that my friend had just been stolen away from me and knowing I wouldn’t see him again. I wanted to have something I could relate to whenever I went there.”
Contrary to popular belief, she said she meant no disrespect to her husband and father of her kids.
Tsepang and the late Pheko got married in November 2018. The two had a 2-year-old and an unborn child in the time of his passing.
Details of his death indicated that the well-known music promoter succumbed to coronavirus in late June this year.


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