Why Men are silent during S_x

It started with a simple tweet from radio host Thabo Mokwele.

“What do you prefer in bed, vocal or silent s_x? Why are (most) men silent during s_x? And why is English the default language in bed?” Asking very important questions, Mokwele needed answers.

Using the hashtag #WhyMenAreSilentDuringS_x, the tweet started trending within a matter of hours, with many social media users offering their own theories.

One user, @LindyNtsoko, suggested that moaning during a moment of passion makes things s_xier.

Another said that men are scared they’ll call out the wrong name so they choose to remain silent.

And in a moment of “honesty”, one user confessed that guys aren’t really as much into s_x as the ladies are.

The jokes and memes the hashtag produced is testament to Mzansi’s funny bone. No matter what the debate, there will always be humour involved.

Check out some of the funny answers below:

And our absolute favourite:

Guys, you may be on to something. According to an online survey by her, your boyfriend calling you by his ex-girlfriend’s name during s_x was rated at No.7 on the biggest turn-off scale.

The best advice? Silence works every time.



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