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The River: Tumi Falls Pregnant With Mabutho’s Child

So, we already know that Tumi(Larona Moagi) has had a change of heart about her husband because they’ve both changed. Lindani’s (Lunga Shabalala) mindset is still in the ghetto, while Tumi’s is already in Paris. She wants to explore, travel, and make money while Lindani wants to live in an RDP house and have babies.

She doesn’t want to have babies with him and lied to him about taking contraceptives. When Lindani found them, Tumi took off and went to Refilwe township to get her mind off her husband. She bumped into Mabutho(her husband’s cousin)and had a one night stand with him.

Although we’ve been anticipating these two hooking up from their first kiss a while back, we didn’t think that Tumi would be dense enough to forget to take contraceptives after her night with Mabutho (Thembinkosi Mthembu).

Tumi only married Lindani out of guilt, the old Tumi had feelings for him and Lindani is a traditionalist, when he popped the question, she had no choice but to say yes. Had Tumi been raised by Lindiwe, she wouldn’t have dated Lindani or even married him.

She is her mother’s daughter and always follows her heart no matter whose feelings are on the line. Mabutho is exactly like Tumi. He expressed his feelings for Tumi in the past even though he and Lindani are family. He doesn’t feel an ounce of guilt for betraying Lindani, because he’s selfish, greedy, and egotistical.

Mabutho will unleash Tumi’s dark side, and she will start embracing her true identity. Her affair will affect her relationship with her sister-in-law; Paulina, who is protective over Lindani and Mabutho. Tumi will struggle to face the consequences of her actions as would anyone who cheats on their husband (with their relative).


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