Generations: Zitha And Gadaffi Fall In Love

The introduction of Joane Reyneke’s character; Rifliwe Zungu has certainly brought a lot of changes in Mzansi’s longest-running soapie; Generations The Legacy. Things have become unpredictable and exciting for the first time in a long time.

We’ve already seen Zitha(Zoe Mthiyane) and Jack’s(Vusi Kunene) relationship crumbling due to Zitha’s backstabbing and betrayal. She moved out when Jack threw her out, then she got a seat at Ezweni and Jack was so impressed that she assumed things would go back to normal but she found him with Refilwe.

So, now that Jack will never forgive her, Zitha will move on with someone that’s Jack’s rival; Gadaffi(Vuyo Dabula). There was some chemistry between her and Gaddafi when they met at the gym. It may have looked innocent because she was working every power player at Ezweni to vote for her. Gadaffi seemed impressed with her and will probably date her to piss off Jack because Jack slept with his ex-wife; Tshidi and impregnated her. Zitha will date Gadaffi to also piss off Jack but the two will eventually, really fall in love because they have a lot in common.

Zitha like Gadaffi’s ex-wife; Tshidi has no scruples. She’s greedy, selfish, and will do anything to win. Their relationship will make Tau uneasy because Tau and Zitha almost got married and Tau and Gadaffi are like brothers. They will also make Tshidi angry because Tshidi might have moved on but she doesn’t want to see any woman with her ex-husband; Gadaffi.

Negatives aside, it will be refreshing to see Gadaffi happy and not so hung-up on Tshidi anymore. It will also be great to see Zitha appreciated and loved for the woman she is. Because Jack often treated her like a slave and compromised her health and sanity.

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