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Rhythm City: Sindiswa Catches Sabelo In Bed With Puleng

As I previously predicted, Sabelo (Ishamel Songo) and Puleng (Tebogo Khalo) do have feelings for one another. When Sabelo and Sindiswa (Mbali Zakwe) were off, Puleng and Sabelo had a one-night stand and Sabelo caught feelings for Puleng. While the one night stand was a confidence booster for Puleng, it was disastrous for Sabelo. Sabelo now has a change of heart about the kind of woman he wants to be with. He no longer lusts for dramatic, egoistical, immature women like his girlfriend who make him feel less of a man. Sabelo was ready to break-up with his girlfriend until she popped the question. Neither Sabelo nor Puleng expected Sindiswa to propose on live radio because she’s always played games with him and never took him seriously.

In fact, if Puleng hadn’t made Sindiswa realize that Sabelo is a good catch, she wouldn’t have proposed at all. Puleng is mature about the whole thing because she genuinely doesn’t have feelings for Sabelo. However, her feelings may change when they actually start prepping for the wedding.

Sabelo already told Puleng that he doesn’t want to marry Sindiswa because he’s fallen in love with her. But Puleng has never been selfish and knows what it’s like for someone to steal the man you’re dating because she went through it with Suffocate multiple times. Sabelo and Sindiswa have a lot of history that goes way back to when Sabelo’s dead sister; Dineo was still alive.

However, things are not over between Sabelo and Puleng yet. They will have a second nightstand, and a third and fourth until Sindiswa catches them in bed together. Sindiswa will go to Puleng’s house one night to have a heart-to-heart with her. Puleng is going to forget to lock her door and Sindiswa will catch them in bed together.

Puleng might be mature but she’s a softie. She’s going to catch feelings as well and she won’t be able to deny her feelings for him anymore. Their friend; Jamaica already suspects that something happened between them…remember the look on his face when Sabelo spilled coffee on Puleng?

It’s only a matter of time till Sindiswa and the whole of Diepkloof find out.


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