Scandal: Why Tebello’s Mom Can’t Be Trusted

There’s something dodgy about Tebello’s mother; Seipati played by Nolo Seabi. She seems too good to be true; she seems too sweet and too innocent. People like this are the most cunning kind because they will disappoint you when you least expect it.

Remember she had bruises when she arrived at the Newtonian? She hasn’t explained where those bruises come from or who is abusing her at the moment. She has a terrible track record with men, so whoever is abusing her right now, is the mastermind behind her return to reclaim her son from his legal guardians.

People trust her because she’s soft-spoken, she’s delightful and looks fragile. Lerumo and Neo are not even doing a background check on her. They don’t even know where she stays right now or who she’s staying with. They are all so caught up in the moment, with Tebello’s love for his mother that they haven’t noticed who she really is. Everyone is under her spell; even the social worker, except for Yvonne Langa who is not even in the soapie anymore.

Did you notice how she didn’t want to do an interview with Yvonne? She knows that Yvonne bribed Tebello’s father to stay away from his son but can’t tell anyone because she doesn’t want to lose her son. She can’t provide for her son and she’s also ashamed of her past, she even suggested the interview be moved to another time when they had network issues. She’s got a lot of anger issues towards Yvonne and doesn’t seem to be grateful that Yvonne saved her son.

When she turned down Neo’s money, she was bluffing. She and her abuser planned the whole thing. She’s pretending to get a job and get a place to stay so that she can kidnap her own son for a huge ransom.

If a mother can choose a man over her son once, she will most likely do it again. Seipati is here because of a man who is abusing and threatening her. Let’s hope that Tebello will make it!

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