Couple Goals:Black Motion Murdah Bongz Shares First Romantic Pics With DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle’s romance with Black Motion DJ Murdah Bongz has been the talk of town for a while.

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Since rumors emerged that the two have been dating, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding their relationship or lack of it thereof.

The couple have kept the romance under wraps, such that people have been wondering if they are together at all or if it was just a fling.

The only hint that they two were a couple was when DJ Zinhle shared an Instagram story of the two of them cuddling, sending fans into overdrive.

While fans were anxious to see the two’s romances played out on social media like most celeb relationships, DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz have set about their business as usual.

However the first breakthrough that something is indeed brewing behind the scenes, has surfaced on social media once again.

The two recently shared identical photos of Mpumalanga on their Instagram stories, suggesting that they are indeed on a Baecation of sorts.

DJ Zinhle, known as the Queen of tease when it comes to her relationships, has only shared a picture of Murdah Bongz feet.

She had also been liking his pictures on Instagram and once gave a shoutout to Black Motion during their lockdown performance.

However Murdah Bongz has shared pictures of what looks like him and DJ Zinhle locked in an intimate embrace.

The social media FBI quickly noted that it was DJ Zinhle, from her trademark look of bucket hats which she rarely goes anywhere without.

He also captioned one of the pictures with a sweet message calling her his bestie and Skeem Saam.

Looks like very soon the public will be treated to a full on picture without all the concealment.


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