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Lerato Kganyago: Ladies would you borrow your man money?

Media personality Lerato Kganyago was the latest guest on Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung’s cooking talk show and during the episode, the two Metro FM personalities got on like a house on fire.

It’s no secret that Somizi and Lerato have become good friends through them working together and being in the entertainment industry together but during the episodes got to find out just how deep this friendship runs.

Dinner at Somizi’s has become a viewing staple for many in Mzansi, the show leaves many crying or in stitches with laughter. Every week Somizi is joined by a celebrity guest, usually, someone who is his friend, or he has a good relationship.
Somizi prepares a lovely meal for his guest as they have an entertaining conversation on various issues surrounding that said personality and he ends the episode by creating a cocktail for them.

This Friday, Somizi shared a meal with Lerato known as Mother to her fans and they were laughing throughout the episode, with Lerato even admitting she has a ratchet laughter.

Somizi got personal with Lerato and asked her about her relationship but he obviously didn’t ask her the questions most viewers would want to know and that is about her marriage to businessman Thami Ndlela.

Lerato’s nuptials to Thami created quite the buzz with allegations that her hubby is allegedly a fraudster. Thami allegedly defrauded numerous retired people of their investments, claiming he would make a lot of money for them through his forex trading company.

Somizi during the episode asked Lerato if she believes in her partner knowing how much she earns, which she responded without hesitation “No” to. Lerato went on say “he will kill me” and Somizi responded, “when he realises you earn more than him”.

Lerato went on to further explain that “for a woman, it’s like I’d rather know what my man earns than what the woman earns, but I think he has an idea of how much I earn, but I don’t want him to know really how much I earn because he might just kill me.”
Somizi then asked Lerato if she believes in borrowing her partner money especially if he happened to need it.

“Baby there’s this deal that’s deal that’s delayed I need like a couple of hundred thousand Rands, I’ll give it to you in two weeks’ time,” said Somizi but Lerato let him she doesn’t date those type of men.

However, if she had to and she loves and trusts him she would borrow him the money also Lerato won’t be borrowing anyone in the entertainment industry money.


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