Blondie Exposes Uyajola For Fake Cheating Drama

The woman from Nanda is complaining that Uyajola 9/9 lied to her, they said they are recording the show that will play on television, and the show was going to make her future bright, only to find that they were recording the Uyajola 9/9 episode.

Nothando Gumede said she is now fighting with her family for appearing on the television two weeks back fighting for a man. She said she thought she was acting because they even told her what to say, after that they gave her R1000 to shut her mouth and don’t tell people that the episode was not true, as this show supposed to to show real things.

The episode she is in was sent to Ntinyane at Mbumbulu. She said she knows the couple she appeared with and they love each other they don’t have problems.

“Where the shooting took place is the home of the guy that we were supposed to fight for, he stays with his girlfriend. They paid me R1000 and this couple was paid R2000 for them not to talk.”

Even the condoms which were there I’m the one who put them as I was told, for the episode to look real”

Now she says she is fighting with her family for humiliating herself on TV over so little money.

Blondie said she was cheated out of her hard earned money and claims that the Uyajola producers even made her delete her Facebook account, so that people wouldn’t search for her and try to contact her on social media.

She says she sent 2 emails and an SMS to Moja Love spokesperson, Lindiwe Mbonambi who is yet to respond to her.


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