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Congratulations, Omuhle Gela’s princess is Here hi, Minnie Me

Omuhle Gela has revealed that her baby girl has arrived, and the new mom is loving every minute of having a Minnie her around.

After months of speculation, in August Omuhle finally confirmed that she was expecting to her fans in a lengthy Instagram post that was dedicated to her bundle of joy. In her post, Omuhle explained her decision to be so private about her pregnancy as to her it “was a sentimental transition”.

“This has been the most surreal, out of body experience. I’m in disbelief daily and I wouldn’t trade this experience for a thing in the world, truly the most amazing journey I’ve experienced and I genuinely wanted to enjoy it privately because it’s been a extremely sentimental transition for me,” wrote Omuhle on Instagram.

On Sunday (September 6) Omuhle shared a picture that showed of her baby girl’s legs dressed in a pink baby overgrow next to a teddy bear which had a foot written “Baby Girl”.

Omuhle Gela

“God showed off and I see him daily in you. The most perfect gift I’ve ever received in my entire existence…..hi, Minnie Me,” added Omuhle. An informant speaking to the publication said that Omuhle was enjoying her pregnancy.

“She has a good support system and has no time to run after the childish guy [Nsovo], who knew what he was getting himself into, “He’s obsessed with famous girls and we warned Omuhle.”

Well, when it comes to the man in her life Omuhle is tight-lipped but enjoying every minute of motherhood and is revealing things at her own pace with her fans.


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