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I Accommodated Jub Jub and His Wife Kelly Khumalo In My House…….Now I Need My Money: Woman Breaths Fire!!!

City Press reports that popular Uyajola 9/9 host, Jub Jub, is failing to pay back a Joburg woman her R125 000 that she gave him to pay legal fees in 2011.

Ellen Nkutha says she cashed out her pension to pay for Jub Jub‘s legal fees in 2011, this was after the musician allegedly struggled to foot his legal bills and now he is ignoring her calls. She has been trying to call him since he was released in 2017.

Nkutha said before Jub Jub was jailed, she accommodated him and Kelly Khumalo in her house and gave them money and groceries.NIne years later Nkutha, who is currently unemployed, claims that she has not been paid what is due to her.

Nkutha said she and Jub Jub’s mother, Mama Jackie, were friends but fell out after she accommodated Kelly Khumalo in her house.

She said when Jub Jub was in jail, she went to demand her money from his father but he told her she must get her money from Jub Jub.Nkutha started tracking Jub Jub down in September after she realised that he was employed at Moja Love as the host of the popula reality show Uyajola 9/9.

In September 2019, Nkutha said she went to Jub Jub ‘s employers, Moja Love to ask for help with getting back her money back, and they advised her to serve them with a garnished order.

The unemployed Nkutha said she could not go through with the garnishee order process hoping that Jub Jub would finally come to his senses and pay her money.N


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